Chips JU Call for Photonics Pilot Line Info Session

Chips JU is organising three interrelated calls for this Pilot Line as part of the European Commission Chips Act. An applicant consortium shall submit one application with three interrelated proposals, one for each of these interrelated calls:


  • Call for Expression of Interest for the selection of a Hosting Consortium (DIGITAL-Chips-2024-CfEoI-CPL-5)
  • Call for proposals for Set-up, integration and process development, funded under the Horizon Europe Programme (HORIZON-Chips-2024-RIA-CPL-5)
  • Call for proposals for the operational activities of the pilot line, funded under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL-Chips-2024-SG-CPL-5)


This information session will provide valuable insights into the call, including submission guidelines.


  11/07/2024 to 11/07/2024
Location : Online