Chips JU

Governing Board

The Governing Board (GB) is the decision-making body of the Chips Joint Undertaking (JU), having the overall responsibility for the strategic orientation of the JU while ensuring coherence and alignment with relevant objectives and policies of the European Union. As such, the GB supervises operations and activities’ implementation of the JU. The composition of the GB mirrors the tripartite nature of the JU, consisting of the European Commission, Participating States, and Private Members. The GB shall hold ordinary meetings at least twice a year in Brussels. The position of the Chairperson is assigned through an annual rotating system (Private Members, Participating States, Commission).

Public Authority Board

The Public Authorities Board (PAB) is composed by the Commission and the Participating States. The PAB contributes to the drafting of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda; provides input to the draft work programme; approves the launch of calls for proposals and selects proposals receiving funding. The PAB shall hold ordinary meetings at least twice a year in Brussels. The PAB elects its chairperson from among its members for a period of at least two years.

Private Members Board

The Private Members Board (PMB) draws up, regularly updates and submits the draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. It organises an advisory Stakeholder Forum that is open to all public and private stakeholders interested in the field. It is composed of three industry associations: AENEAS, EPoSS and INSIDE. The PMB shall meet at least twice a year. The PMB elects its chairperson from among its members.

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) is the chief executive responsible for the day-to-day management of the JU in accordance with the decisions of the Governing Board (GB). He (or she) shall provide the GB with all information necessary for the performance of its functions. The ED ensures the implementation of the budget and the coordination between the different bodies and services of the JU. The ED is the legal representative of the JU and is accountable to the GB. As of October 2023, Prof. Jari Kinaret is the ED of the Chips Joint Undertaking.