Chips Mirror Group Italy Information Day

The Italian Association of Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Information and Communication Technology (AEIT) and the Chips Mirror Group Italy hosted an Information Day in Rome on 6 March. The event aimed to disseminate information about funding opportunities in the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) sector.

The program included discussions on the European Chips Act, the 2024 calls of Chips JU, results of the 2023 KDT JU calls, and Italian funding for the Chips JU 2024 calls. The event also highlighted the initiatives of Fondazione Chips.IT and other Italian entities towards the European Chips Act.

The Chips Mirror Group Italy, the successor of ECSEL Italy, was founded in December 2015. It aims to facilitate the participation of Italian research organisations in the Chips JU and promote support from Italian public authorities.

The event covered the Chips JU Non-Initiative Calls 2024, including a Global IA call and a Global RIA call. The IA proposal focuses on activities around the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5-8, executed by an industrial consortium. The RIA proposal centres around TRL 3–4, executed by a diverse group.

One of the IA calls focuses on developing a high-performance RISC-V Automotive Processor to support Self-Driving Vehicles (SDV). This open-source hardware system aims to facilitate the development of top-level automotive RISC-V processor cores and accelerate the adoption of RISC-V cores throughout the European automotive ecosystem. The second IA call focuses on the SDV Middleware and API Layer, aiming to abstract low-level technical details and expose hardware functionalities in an efficient, safe, and easily accessible way. Europe is urged to cooperate in an ecosystem-based initiative to lead on Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) technology.
Last on the agenda was a round table discussion, where the role of the the Chips Mirror Group in Italy was emphasized and participants from the private sector convened to discuss the transformative impact of digital technologies.

The schedule for the Calls 2024-1 and 2024-2 was also presented, with the start of the projects expected around May 2025.