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The middle stages of chips product development can be very costly and risky, becoming real bottlenecks to industrialization. The Initiative will create and use extended pilot lines to prototype and scale up innovation, to bridge from demonstration in a lab to production in a manufacturing facility.

  • The Chips for Europe Initiative will build on existing pilot lines, developing an infrastructure capable of bringing new advanced technologies to a higher level of maturity, facilitating accelerated industrial take up and commercialisation.
  • These leading-edge facilities will provide the means for industry to test, experiment and validate novel prototype system designs, integrating new breakthrough technologies such as e.g. quantum, AI or neuromorphic, as well as new functionalities such as security or energy efficiency.
  • This will help provide immediate feedback to designers to refine and improve their design models before the transfer to manufacturing, allowing them to significantly shorten the development cycle.
  • Pilot lines will be available for access to actors of the supply chain on open and non-discriminatory terms; as unique world-class facilities, they will make Europe a strong partner on the global stage, and provide a strong basis to the strengthening of international cooperation.
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