Decades of Innovation
27 June
Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) entered into power. ECSEL supported research and innovation in the ECS field with the opening of 16 calls that resulted in 92 funded projects, with more than 3100 participations, and a total R&D&I investment of 4.8 bn€.
30 November
Season 12
Key Digital Technologies JU (KDT JU) came into force. KDT JU kept managing the projects that were started under ECSEL JU and launched new calls for proposals, with the goal of reinforcing the EU’s strategic autonomy in the ECS sector.
Season 11
The European Commission proposed the European Chips Act, with the aim of jointly creating a state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem from production to security of supply. The European Chips Act proposed the legal framework for a new partnership – the “Chips Joint Undertaking” - building on the existing KDT JU.
21 September
Season 10
The European Chips Act and the amendment to the Regulation establishing the Joint Undertakings entered into force on 21 September 2023, paving the way for strategic development in the chip technology sector. As a direct result of this changes, KDT JU was rebranded Chips JU. The Chips JU facilitates a significant part of the Chips for Europe Initiative (one of the pillars of the European Chips Act) and supports R&I activities that were previously funded under KDT JU.
1 December
Season 9
Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) opened four open calls for proposals for innovative pilot lines, with the European Union's substantial investment of €1.67 billion, to be matched by private and national contributions.
12 April
Season 8
The Chips JU concluded the evaluation of the submitted innovative semiconductor pilot lines proposals to be implemented in Europe.