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Chips for Europe Initiative Calls

Addressing key objectives such as boosting technological sovereignty, ensuring supply chain resilience, & positioning Europe as a leader in advanced semiconductor technologies.

Competence Centres


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Support to the European Network of Chips Competence Centres


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Pilot Line on Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits

Chips 2023-CPL-5

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Design platform


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Pilot line on Advanced sub 2nm leading-edge system on chip technology

Chips 2023-CPL-1

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Pilot line on Advanced Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator technologies targeting 7nm

Chips 2023-CPL-2

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Pilot line on Advanced Packaging and Heterogenous Integration

Chips 2023-CPL-3

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Pilot line on Advanced semiconductor devices based on Wide Bandgap materials

Chips 2023-CPL-4

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Non Initiative Calls

The goal is to foster innovation and development in fields such as European artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cybersecurity, and digital infrastructure.

Global IA call according to SRIA 2024

Chips 2024-1-IA-T1

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High Performance RISC-V Automotive Processors supporting SDV

Chips 2024-1-IA-T2

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Service Oriented Framework for the Software Defined Vehicle of the future

Chips 2024-1-IA-T3

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Global RIA call according to SRIA 2024

Chips 2024-2-RIAT1

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Sustainable and greener manufacturing

Chips 2024-2-RIAT2

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Joint call with Korea on Heterogeneous integration and neuromorphic computing technologies for future semiconductor components and systems

Chips 2024-3-RIA

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